You have a Challenging Job

Property managers are the front line providers of services to common interest associations. We know you have a very challenging job. We were directly involved in day-to-day hands-on management for over 20 years.

Effective Membership Services does not provide day-to-day hands-on management. We are here to support hard working managers with professional service when you need a hand.

Property managers, we know how hard your job can be when the expectations and goals of the people you serve are not clear or are not effectively communicated. Effective Membership Services supports professional property managers by facilitating clear operational specifications and expectations.

Many times, we are able to convey important concepts to your Boards that may be awkward for you. As contracted consultants, our job is to promote a more productive Board/manager relationship. We can ask the hard questions and provide gentle reality checks without the worry that we may lose our livelihood. We are able to do this without getting involved in the ongoing political orchestration that many managers must juggle.

We also offer your Boards our experience in managing diverse common interest associations. Often times, Boards will consider a suggestion from a consultant when they will reject the same suggestion from their manager. We can reinforce good suggestions you are presenting to your Board, as well as presenting you with professional tools you may not have considered.

Effective Membership Services wants to make your job more fulfilling and more secure. This will benefit you, your Board and the community you serve.