Policies & Procedures

Helps design an operation to serve your needs. Helps place association volunteers, employees and contractors in the roles best suited to their skills.

Tools we employ:

  • Review of governing documents (your community's rules).
  • Membership surveys (if applicable).
  • Facilitated meetings in neutral,comfortable surroundings.
  • Confidential interviews with key employees and customers to identify "what's working" and "what needs improvement".
  • Detailed specification of desired outcomes.
  • Analysis of technical support.
  • Professional alliances.
  • Assessment of availability of capable outside contractors.



Case Study:

(45 Member Condominium Association)

The same condominium association that identified a need to solidify its brand realized that the older tracking and marketing techniques it had been using did not serve its desired brand. The Board engaged in a facilitated discussion to write detailed operational specifications, including hours of operation and services to be offered. Based on this service assessment, it was determined that “canned” management software programs did not meet the association’s needs “Canned” programs were also designed and priced for much larger associations. The association contracted for a custom-built database tracking system at half the cost of a “canned” system. The system designer met with key operations personnel who would be using the system to assure the system was user-friendly. The association also entered into an extended training contract with the system designer to support operational staff as the new program evolved. The system designer also served as a technical liaison between the association and its web site designer. This resulted in a web site design that could be updated by association staff, which allowed for real-time marketing and updates, as well as significantly lower ongoing expense. At the same time, the association recognized that a professional alliance with an established rental booking firm made sense as the association built its own business. This approach was successful.

Barbara Lucks was General Manager during this process.