How we help your community

Your community's success, harmony and wise use of your resources is our mission.

Effective Membership Services helps homeowners' association (HOA) boards, condominium boards and property professionals get where they want to go. We work with your Board and property professionals to help you map a path to your association's goals.

Why is HOA governance often so challenging?

The most common reason is that associations are usually governed by untrained, volunteer Boards. Most are good folks who want to do a good job, but many are flying blind.

Most board members are busy people who do not have the time to learn the business of HOA governance from scratch. We offer common sense board training to make your board's job as effective and easy as possible.

We help you create an "operating manual" for your community to help current and future boards.

Another reason governance is so tough is that there is a diversity of interests among community members. Until common interests are identified, and individual interests are addressed, harmonious and effective governance is tough. Without clear directive, your board's job or manager's job is even tougher.

We help you define these diverse interests and goals so you can plan effectively and harmoniously.

Finally, people naturally want to avoid conflicts with their neighbors. Of course, unresolved conflicts do not go away. Sometimes neighbors need a little help finding a safe way to get things on the table and clear the air.

We are trained to help resolve neighborhood disagreements quickly and respectfully.

We know what you are dealing with. For over 25 years we have juggled parking, pets, patios, personalities, payments, and common utility issues in a variety of communities. We have managed new associations, and associations in the midst of change, rapid growth, and capital reinvestment. We've managed high-end resort associations and affordable housing associations.

Whether you are sharing a water system, renovating a high rise city condominium or establishing parking regulations to cope with increasing traffic, you want to make sure your interests are addressed. Good neighbors also want to assure that the other members' interests are addressed. We help neighbors find their common ground and keep the discussion from getting personal. We help you find solutions that work for your community.

We can help you avoid big problems by spotting them when they are little. We can help you formalize your association's specifications for management proposals. We'll even help you interview and hire a manager.

Barbara Lucks CMCA, President/Founder