Community Needs (Figuring out the essentials)

Helps identify your Association’s common goals. Allows you to allocate time, money and energy to efforts that your community will support.

Tools we employ:

  • Review of governing documents (your community's rules).
  • Membership surveys (if applicable).
  • Facilitated meetings in safe and comfortable surroundings.
  • Identity-neutral data. Comments and opinions are not identified by name or address.



Case Study:

(53 Member Homeowner Association)
A new member to the HOA felt very strongly that the community swimming pool should be open in the winter. The membership had previously decided to close the pool in the winter to contain costs. The new member continually pressed both Management and Board to open the pool, insisting that the majority of the membership agreed with his position. The Association saw the matter as an opportunity to poll the membership on a number of matters. To assure that people could respond candidly, the Association arranged to have all survey results sent to the outside accountant, who provided the results in an identity-neutral format. When the survey showed that only two members out of 53 supported keeping the pool open in the winter, the insistent new member accepted the will of his neighbors. Board and Management were able to direct their energies to other matters, some of which were identified by the survey.

Barbara Lucks was Assistant General Manager and Guest Services Manager during this process.