Communicate! (Productive meetings & information access)

Keep your membership in the loop.

Tools we employ:

  • Traditional newsletters.
  • E-letters.
  • Targeted e-mail to affected members.
  • Association website.
  • Hand-delivered correspondence.
  • Enclosures in assessments.
  • Phone calls and phone trees.
  • Community and social events.
  • Press releases.



Case Study:

(33 Member Resort Townhouses Corporation)

During a very expensive two-year renovation project, members had very limited access to their homes. They were understandably concerned about the progress of the project and how their money was being spent. Management was spending excessive time on the phone assuaging the concerns of the membership. The association posted updated weekly photos of the construction project on the association website. The quarterly association newsletters covered construction matters, but took care to cover normal operational matter and local events. Communication was provided in a variety of ways to accommodate members’ varying communication preferences. Budget line items were adjusted for postage and phone in anticipation of increased communication needs. When the project finished on-time and on-budget, a press release to the local paper resulted in a very favorable expanded newspaper article. The association’s insurance risk assessor and attorney looked upon the regular newsletters very favorably, as they constituted documented communication, even if individual members chose not to read their communications.

Barbara Lucks was General Manager and Owners Co-Representative on this project. She also drafted all regular newsletters and a significant amount of the other correspondence attendant to this process. The board retained final editorial control in all cases.