Client Testimonials

"Barbara Lucks was a godsend. She was invaluable in helping our start up association and brand new Board of Directors identify job descriptions and tasks as well as providing us with tools for implementing everything from running successful meetings to creating and launching successful committees. Barbara took our Board to a whole new level of focus, professionalism and accomplishment.

Barbara's non-adversiarial method of listening from her years as a Mediator makes her a truly invaluable consultant. I would recommend Barbara to anyone."
President, HOA Board of Directors, Fruita, CO

"Barbara has been thorough, creative, fair and diligent regardless whether she was taking on a task herself, brainstorming and structuring an endeavor, or managing a team of people to a successful conclusion."
Real Estate Broker, Snowmass Village, CO

"Barbara is bright, industrious and accepts new challenges with great enthusiasm. During her tenure she recommended and implemented a management re-organization that streamlined and made more efficient use of staff and resources for our association."
Condominium Association President, Snowmass Village, CO

"The atmosphere of non-adversarial, results oriented approach to problem solving you promoted created the most cohesive team I have experienced to date on a construction project."
Architect, Aspen, CO

"As Coordinator for the Mediation Center of Mesa County, I have been privileged to watch Mrs. Lucks in action as she negotiates her way through tough HOA issues, property disputes, and conflicts between neighbors who don't behave well. She presents in a professional manner and is articulate, focused, and knowledgeable in her mediation work. She has consulted on difficult cases by providing very helpful direction in situations that would otherwise have reached an impasse. She is easy to work with and respectful in her communications."
Director, Community Mediation Program

"Ms. Lucks has a clear understanding of the accounting needs of condominium associations. She has demonstrated the ability to work with both non-renting homeowners and those who participate in the property rental program."
Certified Public Accountant, Carbondale, CO