Affordable Help

Effective Membership Services knows that HOAs must contain costs. We know it is equally important for HOA boards and members to understand and control the management of their community.

When you call Effective Membership Services, your initial community service assessment telephone meeting with one of your board members is FREE. If you a not a member of your HOA board, we are happy to tell you about our services so you can refer us to your board. We do not work directly for individual homeowners.

The service assessment telephone meeting will take no longer than 15 minutes, and will help us identify areas where we can be of assistance to your community.

If you decide that Effective Membership Services is right for your community, we offer several affordable service options:

1. GENERAL INFORMATION SESSIONS: This $75 service provides for up to one hour of in-person general information for your membership or board of directors. Many communities benefit from an informal Q & A session about how homeowner associations work.

This is a great way to meet your annual membership education requirement, as well as offering your members an opportunity to better understand their rights and responsibilities as members of the HOA. We can also provide general information on specific topics of interest to your community. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE $75 GENERAL INFORMATION FEE CAN BE CREDITED TO THE COST OF YOUR PERSONALIZED STRATEGY PLAN.

2. PERSONALIZED STRATEGY PLAN: Most communities need an action item list and a time line to turn their dreams into reality. They also need an accountability partner. We can help you.

Our fee for your personalized strategy plan is $450 and includes up to six hours of service. We spend the first two hours reviewing your governing documents so we can help you work with them. The remaining four hours in dedicated to an initial action-item meeting, with two follow up meetings to help you track and fine-tune your progress.

By the end of the action-item meeting, you will have a preliminary map of simple, practical action-items to get you where you want to go.

If your community wishes to proceed with the action items, you decide how much of the work your board and membership can reasonably do on its own, and where you need professional help.

3. ONGOING PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT AND A LA CARTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES. This service is available to qualifying HOAs only upon completion of your personalized action item plan. Effective Membership Services works with working boards that agree to maintain insurance, maintain a relationship with a qualified HOA attorney and make all reasonable efforts to work toward best business practices regulatory compliance for the good of their communities.

Many board members need just a little bit of training to put the time and skills they already have to work for their communities. Other boards are comprised of very busy people who would prefer for someone else to do the work.

Every community is unique, so we offer a choice of formats:

We will train and support community volunteers to do the work.
We will do some of the work for you, but we not assume the role of management.
We will work with your property manager, attorney, CPA or other professionals.

All work beyond our initial $450 contract is on an as-requested basis and billed in quarter hour increments. Hourly fees range from $25/hr. for clerical services to $75/hr. for training and scrivener services.

Our contract with you can be cancelled by you or by us at any time with no cancellation penalty.

A little help at the right time can prevent bigger problems and greater expenses down the road. Just as it is usually not wise to postpone needed maintenance on your car, it is also risky to postpone needed help for your community.

With Effective Membership Services, your community is always confidently behind the wheel.